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Teach and Inspire

Teach and Inspire

“If you are interested in inspiring the next generation, and have a passion for your favourite subject, teaching could the career for you.”

Teach and Inspire

Do you have skills? Do you have experience of employment and a work related environment? Are you interested in being able to pass on your knowledge and skills and support to young people or adults with achieving vocational qualifications? Have you thought of teaching?

Teaching at a college attracts many people from industry, small business or the armed forces. They join the college to pass on the benefit of their experience and their vocational skills. College lecturers train as they work and part time teacher training is available.

If you are interested in teaching children of primary or secondary age then you will need to complete a graduate teaching qualification at a university.

Skills you'll learn at South Devon College

  • engaging and motivating students
  • assessing students and providing feedback
  • supporting students with the development of essential skills
  • classroom management
  • the opportunity to improve you English, maths and IT skills

Your future

  • it's really important to us!
  • free advice and guidance available at all times
I'm interested
*The information you share with us will allow the Helpzone Team to find the right course of study for you. They will be in touch shortly to offer free advice and guidance, working with you to get you where you want to be.

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