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Sports Person

Sports Person

“If you've got exceptional talent in a sport, and you've got commitment and self-discipline, being a sports person could be for you.”

Sports people are skilled and talented sportsmen and women who are paid to compete in their chosen sport.

Sports people need to be physically fit and have a competitive nature. They also need to be mentally strong.

Joining a club or an amateur organisation is a good way to develop your skills and increase your chances of being spotted by a talent scout. South Devon College offer a range of academies across a variety of sports including basketball, football and rugby to help improve your skills.

Skills you'll learn at South Devon College

  • improvement in skills by regular practice
  • maintaining your general fitness and stamina by training
  • a knowledge of the jobs opportunities in sport
  • how to run a sporting event
  • improved English and IT
  • first aid and various other additional qualifications
  • teamwork

Your future

  • over 80% of culture, media and sports occupations will require qualifications at level 3 or above by 2020
  • 99% of Sport and Adventure students moved forward into a positive destination including employment, apprenticeships and further study
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