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Sound Engineer

Sound Engineer

“If you are interested in recording music and sound, this could be the ideal job for you.”

As a sound engineer in a recording studio, you would make high quality recordings of music, speech and sound effects for use in different media, from music recordings to commercials.

In this job you would need good hearing. You would also need a good appreciation of pitch, timing and rhythm.

You can get into this job by taking a music technology course at college or university, to develop skills before looking for work in a studio. Or you could get experience on the job as a 'runner' and work your way up. Experience in community or hospital radio, or using your own equipment at home can also help you enter the sector.

Skills you'll learn at South Devon College

  • operating equipment for recording, mixing, mastering, sequencing and sampling
  • a knowledge of electronics and acoustics
  • working to deadlines
  • working to a brief
  • improved communication and ‘people' skills

Your future

  • over 80% of culture, media and sports occupations will require qualifications at level 3 or above by 2020
  • arts and entertainment jobs are expected to expand by 37% across the South West by 2020
  • 199,000 new jobs will be created nationally by 2020 in the arts and entertainment sector - a 23% increase on 2010 job totals. 1,055,000 in total
  • 99% of Performing Arts and Music students moved forward into a positive destination, including employment, apprenticeships and further study
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