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Software Developer

Software Developer

“If you are keen on computing and enjoy design and development, this job could be ideal for you.”

Software Developer

To become a software developer, you will need to have a creative approach to problem-solving. You'll also need to be able to follow technical plans. Excellent communication and customer care skills are also important.

Software developers (also known as programmers) design and build computer programs that help organisations and equipment work effectively.

You would work closely with senior programmers and business analysts, and create technical plans to meet the needs of the client.

You may write computer programs from the beginning, or amend existing programs to meet the needs of the project.

You could work with a range of web-based technologies, and you would need to understand how databases fit in with these systems.

Skills you'll learn at South Devon College

  • programming
  • maths and physics
  • design skills
  • information technology
  • software development
  • working to deadlines
  • working to a brief

Your future

  • Almost 85% of science, research, engineering and technology roles will require qualifications at level 3 or above.
  • 22,000 new jobs will be created nationally in the information technology sector by 2020 – a 3% increase on 2010 totals, 795,000 in total
  • 97% of Computing students moved forward into a positive destination, including employment, apprenticeships and further study
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