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Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist

“If you would like a job helping people this could be perfect for you.”

If you would like a job helping people this could be perfect for you. Occupational therapists help people overcome difficulties caused by physical or mental illness, an accident or the ageing process. They work with clients to help them lead full and independent lives and, where possible, prevent disability.

To do this job you will need to have a degree, or have completed a postgraduate course.

You will also need to have good working relationships with people. You will need to motivate clients who are disappointed or frustrated. You will also need to have patience, determination and a positive attitude.

As an occupational therapist, you would often work with clients on a one-to-one basis and adapt treatment programmes to suit each person's needs and lifestyle. Your work could include things like; teaching an older patient recovering from a stroke how to dress themselves, encouraging someone suffering with depression to take up a hobby or activity, suggesting ways to adapt an office so that an employee injured in a car accident can return to work or helping clients adjust to permanent disabilities.

Skills you'll learn at South Devon College

  • skills to work with a variety of people
  • analysing and interpreting data
  • communication and listening skills
  • improved English and IT skills
  • research skills

Your future

  • almost 95% of care occupations will require qualifications at level 2 or above by 2020.
  • 44,000 people are expected to be employed in health and social work across the south west by 2020
  • 52,000 new jobs will be created nationally in the health and social work sector by 2020 - a 1% increase on 2010 job totals. 4,000,000 in total
  • 100% of Health and Social Care students moved forward into a positive destination, including employment, apprenticeships and further study
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