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Marine Biologist

Marine Biologist

“If you enjoy working with wildlife and discovering new things, this could the job for you.”

Marine Biologist

A marine biologist often works to study, observe and protect all marine species from small microbes though to larger animals, as well as plant life. Marine biologist can work out in the field or carry out research and testing in a lab environment.

Marine biologists should be passionate about the subject, have an eye for details have great communication skills in order to share their findings.

Day-to-day duties differ depending on the environment and research being carried out but many biologists will be expected to watch and observe marine life, create and analyse comprehensive datasets, write reports and journal articles and provide feedback to various people from children through to others in the scientific community.

Alongside relevant academic qualifications, those interested in becoming a marine biologist should look to gain relevant work experience wherever possible in local nature reserves, fisheries, zoos or aquariums.

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