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Energy Expert

Energy Expert

“If you want to help create a greener future for the planet, this could be the career for you.”

Energy Expert

It has been estimated that just by knowing the amount of energy we use could result in a reduction in usage by about quarter! Major investment by the Government to increase awareness of energy efficiency in the form of the Green Deal is helping to create new jobs in this rapidly expanding industry. The new Enviroskills curriculum at South Devon College, and almost complete South West Energy Centre can help prepare you to become part of the green revolution!

As a Domestic Energy Assessor you would collect data on the dimensions, construction, heating and hot water provision of buildings in order to produce an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The Domestic Energy Assessor produces an EPC to identify the energy rating of a property and recommend energy saving activities to improve efficiencies. There will be a great demand for people who have the right skills and experience to assess energy and give advice to consumers.

Smart Metering technology is another growth area identified by the government; over 54 million smart meters need to be installed by 2020. Smart meters help consumers and energy companies plan and monitor energy consumption resulting in a more efficient and optimised service. South West Energy Centre will work with Energy companies to deliver a programme that will help them fill the massive skills gap and give young people an opportunity to work in the Energy Sector.

Skills you'll learn at South Devon College

  • an understanding of the Green Deal
  • installation and maintenance of new technologies
  • the ability to work confidently alone
  • awareness of health and safety
  • the ability to educate and sell to customers
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