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Dry Liner

Dry Liner

“If you want a practical job in construction, and you could read technical diagrams, this job could suit you well.”

Dry Liner

Dry liners build the internal walls in houses, offices and shops, using plasterboard panels. They might also install removable wall partitions, suspended ceilings and raised flooring.

In this job you will also need to be physically fit. You will need number skills. You will need to work accurately.

Day-to-day duties include working on the fixing stages; preparing, cutting and installing plasterboards. Jobs are completed during the 'finishing' stages.

There aren't any set entry requirements for becoming a dry liner although there are college courses you can do that could help you develop some of the skills you would need. You could start by joining a company as a dry liner’s 'mate' and being trained up from there. You may also be able to get into this job through an Apprenticeship scheme.

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