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Cad Engineer

Cad Engineer

“If you enjoy designing and working with technology, becoming a CAD Engineer could be the career for you.”

As a CAD engineer, you could work in 2D design, known as surface modelling, and 3D design, known as solid modelling.

You would use surface modelling to draw a flat representation of a product, for example a design for a new motor vehicle. As part of the job, you would present design plans to the project team and make changes based on feedback before engineers build and test a prototype.

In solid modelling, you would create a 3D display of a structure or component. This coudl then be used, for example, to take a ‘virtual tour’ around the inside of a new building to plan where to fit electrical cabling, or to 'look inside' a piece of manufacturing machinery to see where improvements to parts could be made.

You would also use your designs to help prepare cost estimates on projects, and produce assembly instructions and maintenance manuals for installation, service and repair technicians.

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