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“If you are interested in construction, this could be the career for you.”

If you are practically minded then a career in construction could be for you. Jobs can vary from small repairs and maintenance roles, to tunnel and bridge building projects.

Skills learnt at College can be transferred to many different construction based jobs. Welding, scaffolding, concrete and roofing all require essential health and safety awareness and basic construction skills. Overseas employment opportunities are open to those who achieve qualifications in a variety of construction trades.

Often people begin working part-time or volunteer to gain valuable experience alongside studying. Essential technical skills can be learnt whilst studying full-time at college or as an Apprentice. Some employers will require you to have maths, English and IT Functional Skills or GCSE qualifications.

Skills you'll learn at South Devon College

  • various technical skills around brickwork, carpentry, painting and decorating and plastering
  • the ability to work as part of a team and unsupervised
  • an awareness of health and safety
  • improved maths, English and IT

Your future

  • Over 70% of skilled construction and building trades will require qualifications at level 2 or above by 2020
  • 36,000 people will be employed in construction across the South West by 2020, a 26% increase on 2010 totals
  • 237,000 new jobs will be created nationally in the construction sector by 2020 - an 11% increase on 2010 jobs. 2,329,000 in total
  • 99% of Construction students moved forward into a positive destination, including employment, apprenticeships and further study
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