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“If you enjoy design and you are interested in buildings and construction, this could be the perfect job for you”


Architects draw plans for new buildings, and for restoring and conserving old ones. Their work also involves planning the layout of groups of buildings and the spaces around them.

To be a fully-skilled architect you will have to finish a five-year university course and complete at least two years' professional experience.

Architects need to be methodical and logical. They need to have design and computer/CAD skills. They also need to be able to work under pressure.

You would be responsible for a building project from the earliest stage through to completion. On larger jobs, you could work in a team alongside other architects and architectural technicians or technologists.

Skills you'll learn at South Devon College

  • physics
  • engineering
  • budgeting and financial awareness
  • an awareness of health and safety
  • improved maths, English and IT skills
  • opportunities to learn and understand computer aided design (CAD)

Your future

  • the construction sector employs 2.35 million people - over 8% of the UK workforce
  • around 300 new jobs in construction are likely to be created in Devon between 2012-2016
I'm interested
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