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App Developer

App Developer

“If you want to be part of a fast moving new software industry, this could be the career for you.”

App Developer

App developers work to create pieces of software that can run on smartphones, tablets and computers. They create software than help people to take pictures, record film, play games and be more productive at work or home. Apps are downloaded by device users through various app market places and stores.

The industry is still in its early evolution and will grow as technology develops and more people make use of it in their everyday lives. App developers can specialise in programming, design or user interfaces.

Job opportunities can be found through full-time employment with software companies and design agencies, or through self-employment. Many independent developers are create their own apps in small teams or by themselves and put their creations directly online.

You will need skills in design or programming and have new ideas to set your product apart from competitors.

Skills you'll learn at South Devon College

  • programming and mobile development
  • graphic design
  • latest trends and technology advancements
  • working to deadlines
  • working to a brief

Your future

  • Almost 85% of science, research, engineering and technology roles will require qualifications at level 3 or above.
  • 22,000 new jobs will be created nationally in the information technology sector by 2020 – a 3% increase on 2010 totals, 795,000 in total
  • 97% of Computing students moved forward into a positive destination, including employment, apprenticeships and further study
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